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Ruff Valley

Medium Moose Paddle

Medium Moose Paddle

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Our MEDIUM 5-7" shed moose antler dog chew. You will receive ONE (1) piece of MEDIUM naturally shed moose antler.

Medium Moose Paddles are cut from the flat paddle portion of the moose antlers and are a less dense chew suitable for puppies, older dogs and lighter chewers. The marrow is exposed on multiple sides of the moose paddles with a thinner outer core of bone making them extra desirable for all the dogs in your pack. If you have a heavy chewer in your pack Moose Paddles will not be a good fit.

Medium Moose Antler measure between 5" to 7" long. These are perfect for dogs weighing 20 to 50 pounds.

Are moose antler chews healthy for my dog?
Our all natural Alaskan moose antler chews contain many essential minerals that are great for your pups health and they also scrape tartar buildup from their teeth. Our antlers are completely natural and untreated making them a terrific alternative to most other store bought chews. Antler chews are long lasting and if properly sized to your dog, should not splinter. Instead they are slowly ground down as your dog chews them. Wild canines (as well as many other animals) have relied on shed antlers to get essential minerals since the beginning of time...add a little "wild" back into your dog's diet.

** Always supervise your dog while they enjoy their Ruff Valley antler chew. We encourage pet owners to take the time and choose the correct type, size, and density of antler for their dog. Additionally, once an antler becomes too small and might pose a choking hazard, discard and replace it with a fresh one.
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