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Ruff Valley

Large Split Elk Antler

Large Split Elk Antler

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Our LARGE 7-9" shed elk antler dog chew. You will receive ONE (1) piece of LARGE naturally shed elk antler.

Split antlers are cut down the middle to expose the marrow. These are great for puppies, older dogs or dogs that are new to chewing antlers. These will not last very long for hard chewing dogs but are still a terrific treat.

Large Split Elk Antler measure between 7" to 9" long. These are perfect for dogs weighing 50 to 70 pounds.

Are split antlers safe for my pet?
Unlike nylon, rawhide or beef bones, elk antler dog chews are 100% natural, won't splinter or create a smelly mess on your carpet or furniture. Dogs find elk antler chews irresistible and they are full of essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium and glucosamine that will keep your pet happy and healthy. Antler chews are also a terrific way to keep your pups teeth clean and shiny by scraping the tartar buildup from their teeth.

** Always supervise your dog while they enjoy their Ruff Valley antler chew. We encourage pet owners to take the time and choose the correct type, size, and density of antler for their dog. Additionally, once an antler becomes too small and might pose a choking hazard, discard and replace it with a fresh one.
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